1. Toronto Soars

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | September 28, 2012

    By Elaine Glusac
    From new high-rise luxury hotels to hot arts and entertainment tickets and a growing slate of top chefs, Canada’s chic, big city takes it up another notch this fall.
    Toronto, literally, is at your feet. In the face of gusting winds off Lake Ontario, visitors inch around iconic CN Tower on an outdoor sidewalk-width [...]

  2. Tips for Cultivating Fall Veggies

    by L'Oreal Thompson | August 25, 2011

    What to plant, and how to prep the garden.

  3. Colorful New Plants

    by L'Oreal Thompson | April 14, 2011

    Planting season is upon us.

  4. Eco-Friendly Bungalow

    by Scott Sowers | February 1, 2011

    Judy Whalley, a retired lawyer cum-real estate developer, grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, which is also the home of a historic neighborhood known as the “Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie School of Architecture Historic District.” Wright moved to Oak Park in 1889 and designed 25 structures in the area, including his own home and studio. [...]

  5. The Passive House

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | August 5, 2010

    Energy efficiency, with or without the green.

  6. Sedums: The Perfect Plant

    by Peggy Riccio | August 3, 2010

    The many varieties of the hardy, tolerant sedum.

  7. Farm Fresh Cuisine

    by Jennifer K. Dansicker | August 2, 2010

    Local chefs highlight fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

  8. How to Buy (or sell) a Green Home

    by Deborah R. Huso | March 31, 2010

    Residential real estate goes green.

  9. Go Green

    by Annliese Scott | November 30, 2009

    Green Experts weigh in on their favorite tips and products.

  10. CharityWorks GreenHouse: Sustainability and Style

    by Dennis Hockman | October 9, 2009

    The aesthetics of green houses typically has been synonymous with funky spiral lightbulbs, scratchy looking fabrics, and cold institutional finishes. The CharityWorks GreenHouse in McLean, Virginia proves once and for all that those days are gone.