Design + Décor

  1. Consciously Curated

    by Samantha Iacia | July 30, 2014

    Socially responsible shopping, from Fair Trade to handmade
    Beauty doesn’t have to come at others’ expense. The region has plenty to offer the socially conscious shopper.
    1 Lady in red
    Fashion meets Fair Trade with the red keyhole cutout dress by Mata Traders. The retro-inspired piece, which has a black-and-white geometric pattern, is 100 percent cotton and is [...]

  2. Built to Last

    by Christianna McCausland | July 29, 2014

    When homeowners Judy and Craig purchased 57 acres in Deale, Anne Arundel County, on which to build their dream home, they weren’t building just a shelter from the elements or a place to keep their belongings. They were creating an environment that would be the foundation for a lifestyle. Judy, who had always wanted a [...]

  3. New Again

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | July 29, 2014

    By Marie Marciano Gullard
    With shabby-chic design back in high demand, there’s no shortage of mass-produced decor disguised as antiques. But the genuine article — the old form reclaimed with a new function — is much harder to come by.
    With a nod to the Depression-era adage, “Waste not, want not,” these are the stories of three [...]

  4. ART Reincarnated

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | July 25, 2014

    Hampden’s Mud and Metal turns old items into new art
    By Marie Marciano Gullard
    It’s full of used goods, but “second-hand shop” is the last thing you’d ever call Mud and Metal fine craft gallery. As the song goes, at Mud and Metal, “everything old is new again.”
    Gallery owner Carol Breining, who set up shop on the [...]

  5. Creating a Buzz

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | May 28, 2014

    By Julekha Dash
    In search of a sustainable art medium, visual artist Kara Brook bought a beehive six years ago so she could use beeswax to paint.
    She quickly discovered that those same bees could be the source of a sustainable business as well. She started packaging the honey and then expanded into making what she calls [...]

  6. Decorating Doubletake

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | May 28, 2014

    By Marie Marciano Gullard
    Mary Veiga practices the art of deception — but only in the most respectable of ways. Since 1995, she has been plying her skills in decorative painting, which includes murals, faux finishing and trompe l’oeil for homeowners and businesses. With her, every assignment is a custom job and a new challenge that [...]

  7. A River Runs by it

    by Christianna McCausland | May 28, 2014

    When Ward Westrick retired from commercial real estate development, he and wife Ginny were happy to sell their home in McLean and leave the density of Northern Virginia behind to settle on the Chesapeake Bay’s calmer shores. While Ward may have made a living in development, he and Ginny did not want to build a [...]

  8. Early Azaleas

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | March 25, 2014

    When I first moved to Baltimore from the Midwest, I couldn’t get over the azaleas. The 5-foot shrubs completely covered in fuchsia, purple, red, white and orange blooms are unavailable to residents of the more frigid parts of the United States.
    Winterthur, the estate and gardens in Delaware once owned by the collector and horticulturist Henry [...]

  9. Poolside Paradise

    by Julianne Peeling | March 24, 2014

    An award-winning landscape designer brings a touch of the Caribbean to a Kingsville couple.
    Recently back from a trip to the Caribbean, Jeannie Schwartz and John Macci still had the exotic scent of orchids and plumeria lingering in their imaginations when they stepped out their back door to take in the familiar sight of their own [...]

  10. In the Land of the Landscape Architects

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | March 24, 2014

    These three create as much beauty for themselves as they do for others.
    By Kathy Hudson
    When it comes to landscape architects’ own gardens, some are like shoemakers’ shoes — untended. Their owners are too busy making other spaces beautiful. Not so with Catherine Mahan, founding partner of Mahan Rykiel; Stuart Ortel, principal and founder of Stone [...]