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  1. Tips for a Bay-Friendly Landscape

    by Amy Feinstein | December 14, 2010

    Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries has been a long, arduous, and costly task, but there is still more we can do. Historically, irrigation and rain runoff from residential lawns, gardens, and landscapes have contributed to declining health of area waterways and the Bay. But today, some easy eco-friendly landscaping practices ensure that [...]

  2. Strawberry Hill

    by Amy Feinstein | March 30, 2010

    A centuries-old house renovated and updated for modern times.

  3. Readying Winter Landscapes For Spring

    by Amy Feinstein | February 1, 2010

    Even if your garden looks dead and gray right now, it is never too early to get a jump on spring. There are quite a few things you can do now that will pay huge dividends for your plants, shrubs, and beds during prime gardening season.
    Here are some great tips from some regional experts for [...]

  4. Upping The Ante

    by Amy Feinstein | May 4, 2009

    When Brenda and Thomas Anderson of Annapolis decided to add a mini suite with a full bath to their home on Clements Creek and the Severn River, they started with Brasher Design, Inc. out of Columbia, Maryland. Brasher did an initial design, and invited contractors to bid on the project. “The house initially was not [...]

  5. A Refined Country Landscape

    by Amy Feinstein | March 31, 2009

    A three-tiered landscape surrounded by wildflower meadows, pasture land, and forest, offers an idyllic Howard County setting.

  6. The Best Trees For Your Patio

    by Amy Feinstein | October 17, 2008

    Create drama in your landscape with a well-chosen patio tree.

  7. Home Security Update

    by Amy Feinstein | August 13, 2008

    As with all technology, new advances are being made in home security at a high rate of speed. Each time criminals dream up a new way to infringe upon your home and security, companies are hard at work thinking of new ways to thwart them.

    From new key systems and safes to state-of-the-art surveillance systems, there [...]

  8. Creating A Recipe For A Kitchen From Scratch

    by Amy Feinstein | May 21, 2008

    The challenge for Trish Houck of Kitchen Concepts by Trish Houck in Ellicott City, Maryland was to take a large kitchen and create an area with small functional spaces including a butler’s pantry and a place for baking. This transformation allows the couple to use the kitchen effectively on a daily basis, but it also [...]

  9. Managing Your Natural Assets

    by Amy Feinstein | April 15, 2007

    As trees and shrubs mature in a landscape, they become more valuable and more costly to replace. A new trend toward appraising and insuring cherished plants could save the high cost of replacement should your landscape be detroyed by natural disaster.

    Did you ever wonder why you could appraise and insure your silver service, grandma’s diamond [...]