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  1. Shop in Style at CUSP Boutique

    by L'Oreal Thompson | December 27, 2010

    CUSP by Neiman Marcus is a hip and trendy boutique.

  2. Timber Press Pocket Guide to Conifers

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 17, 2010

    By Richard L. Bitner
    Not all conifers are created equal, as writer and photographer Richard L. Bitner demonstrates in Timber Press Pocket Guide to Conifers. In the 1990s, Bitner fell madly in love with conifers and now he’s sharing that love with readers worldwide. This guide provides readers with an in-depth guide to one of nature’s [...]

  3. Washington at Home: An Illustrated History of Neighborhoods in the Nation’s Captial/2nd Edition

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 17, 2010

    Edited by Kathryn Schneider Smith
    Washington, DC may be home to some of the most famous monuments, museums, and memorials in the world, but there is more to the capital of the United States than the National Mall. In the second edition of her 1988 classic Washington at Home, Kathryn Schneider Smith and a team of [...]

  4. Inspired Interiors

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 17, 2010

    By Suzanne Kasler
    Designers find inspiration in many things, from grand structures and fine art to the pleat of a dress or a bowl of forsythia. All of these things have, at one time or another, inspired acclaimed interior designer Suzanne Kasler’s style. But when it comes time to orchestrate a room, the principal inspiration for [...]

  5. Personal Shoppers Save Time & Money

    by Jennifer K. Dansicker | December 17, 2010

    Busy professionals turn to personal shoppers to help them feel great, reduce stress, be more productive, and save time and money. The value of having someone shop for your clothing, household goods, furniture, and even gifts is immeasurable.
    President of Kristel Closets, personal shopper Megan Kristel has spent years helping clients look and feel their best. [...]

  6. Mid-Atlantic Winter Getaways Gallery

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 15, 2010

  7. Mid-Atlantic Winter Getaways

    by Mary Medland | December 15, 2010

    Luxury resorts, skiing, dining, and family fun . . . close to home.

  8. Custom Furniture and Cabinetry Gallery

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 15, 2010

  9. Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

    by Dennis Hockman | December 15, 2010

    Beautiful interior spaces are products of time, thought, and variety—time to acquire the right pieces and pull it all together, and thought to determine what a space can be, how it should look, and the mood it should evoke. Variety, though, is tough to get right.
    Warm, inviting, interesting décor often balances a mix of styles, [...]

  10. Tips For a Bay-Friendly Landscape Gallery

    by Chesapeake Home Magazine | December 15, 2010