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  1. Painter Sam Robinson

    by Dennis Hockman | April 17, 2007

    Few people are lucky enough to have a dream in childhood and live that dream as an adult. Painter Sam Robinson just so happens to be one of the lucky few.

    Perhaps that is why he always seems so happy. Perhaps that is why he focuses his paintings on subjects that bring him joy—landscapes, interiors, young [...]

  2. Well-Lived & Well-Edited Home

    by John Francisco Andreu | April 16, 2007

    Collections of furniture and ceramics grace this interior.

  3. Plantings For Your Pond

    by Andrea Poe | April 15, 2007

    With the right information you needn’t fear a water garden. “If you put in the right plants, caring for a water garden should take no more than 15 minutes each week,” maintains James Londot, owner of Serene Ponds and Landscapes in Bowie.

    Pond plants aren’t just decorative; they’re vitally important to the health of your pond. [...]

  4. Managing Your Natural Assets

    by Amy Feinstein | April 15, 2007

    As trees and shrubs mature in a landscape, they become more valuable and more costly to replace. A new trend toward appraising and insuring cherished plants could save the high cost of replacement should your landscape be detroyed by natural disaster.

    Did you ever wonder why you could appraise and insure your silver service, grandma’s diamond [...]

  5. Epimediums

    by Peggy Riccio | April 15, 2007

    One of the joys of having a garden in the shade is to be able to grow a variety of epimediums. The perfect choice for a woodland area, their fragile beauty belies the fact that they are tremendously tough, long lasting perennials.
    Usually grown as foot high groundcovers, epimediums provide delicate spring flowers and a wide [...]

  6. Your Style Defined

    by Christianna McCausland | April 15, 2007

    Ever wonder how to define your style? Find out now.

  7. The Maryland House And Garden Pilgrimage

    by Dennis Hockman | April 13, 2007

    Celebrating its 70th Anniversary, this year’s Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage (MHGP) spans six counties and features nearly 50 historic sites.

  8. Make Room For Baby

    by Kelli Rosen | April 13, 2007

    Long gone are the days when decorating baby’s room meant simply slathering the walls with pink paint for girls, blue paint for boys, and accenting the space with pastel clowns or Disney characters.

    Today, kids’ rooms are afforded just as much thought as the living room or kitchen—and parents are willing to pay the price. In [...]

  9. Suburban Oasis

    by Christianna McCausland | April 12, 2007

    A typical suburban backyard transformed.

  10. A New Old-World Olney Estate

    by Lauren Brooks | April 12, 2007

    As custom homebuilder and developer, Carter Willson spends most of his days crafting homes, consulting his clients on the most efficient, cutting edge, and advanced building materials and technology, turning their intangible daydreams into brick-and-mortar dwellings. As the owner of an older cedar home, Willson also spent days spinning his own dreams of an up-to-date [...]